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Default Re: fat people

I really think the "fat" thing is not the issue. I prefer to call myself "cuddly" lol. (something that losing ten or fifteen pounds would unboubtable cure) That being said - it all depends on how you dress. If you have extra rolls (like I do) cover them up. Nothing looks worse that too-tight clothing on a fleshy body. Someone once said that the backside of a chubby person in tight jeans looked like "two pigs wrestling under a blanket" lol. The same goes for underweight people - too much skin and bones showing is also not attractive. Fortunately we live in a great part of the world where wonderful clothing comes in all sizes for all budgets - though my dh says I don't seem to have one - a budget that is - VBG. Go - enjoy. I know I do, and I always take pants with elastic waists - who can resist all that food. TTFN Jennifer
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