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Default Re: fat people

Whoa, I am sorry but if that picture( Dave the wave) is not retouched, then that is just gross. She may be a nice person, and I wouldn't not be friends with her because of her weight, but I am not going to pretend that her body is anything but deformed. And I can honestly say( which some people are just so politically correct to do) that if I saw that particular women eating a bag of candy or an icecream I would probaly stare, because I have never seen anyone kill themselves so slowly , and painfully.

Second, why are there always posts by "fat people" asking if it is " ok " to be fat on a cruise ship. If they have read the posts of "fat persons" before( which the OP said she had) then they know that 99 % of posters see no issue with being overweight and enjoying a cruise. It seems like they want constant reassurance that their weight will not be an issue.

Your weight is the same on land or sea. How you are generally treated in public on land is most likely how you will be treated at sea. Most people are nice, some are not.

PS, I am not a skinny person, and I am not obese. I have however been quite heavy, but have be able to get within a healthy range so I don't hasten myself to an early grave .
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