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Bruce Chafkin
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Default Re: Don't fill out the surveys!


Here is a reality check for you.
I am a Hotel Manager for a major cruse line.
Every Friday night and Saturday night I stay up until the wee hours reading comment cards. From about 2,500 Guests, we receive usually about 1,800 comment cards. About half of those have written comments on them. Of those 900 or so, I am able to make out the writing on about half of them. I'm not sure what has happened to the school system in America these days, but it seems that many of our Guests have a problem with writing English. Unfortunately I waste quite a bit of time trying to decipher the poor penmanship and grammar.
Not only do I read them all, but each one that mentions a crewmember by name (positive or negative) is saved, passed to the appropriate Department Head, then copied and given to the crewmember. Promotions, demotions, and bonuses are directly determined by those mentions.
Then I identify any trends on challenges or complaints. These trends are reported to the head office with an action plan on how to resolve the problems before the next cruise begins.

To those of you who do not complete the comment cards, you can keep complaining on these boards and see where it gets you.
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