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Default Re: tipping - spinoff

Hello Gidi!! Charging to the account is also good, but it can be tricky sometimes- for example many guests does not know how exactly to spell the name of the crew member. I used to work for greek cruise line before where all thee guests were told that they don't need to tip us personally, but to leave the tip at the end of the cruise at the front deck in the envelops.." because there are a lot of people you don't see during your cruise, so we can share it equally". At the end of the cruise the tip was equally shared....between the greeks. Not even a penny for us, or the filipinos. So what use to happened: Mr. and Mrs. Smith coming at the last day of the cruise and told me "Thank you for your sevice...we left something for you at the front deck". I never got this tip, because I'm not greek and my pride does not allowed me to tell Mr. and Mrs Smith , so I just thank them too.... I changed the cruise line and now I'm verry happy with my new line.
Tipping is personal choice. Some people said... "I didn't like the service- why they don't train the people better?" This is impossible - because of the working conditions , hours and payment. This is what makes it different than any organization onshore. I have motivation to work there- the tourist service industry is much more prestigious than it used to be before. Personally for me the guest happiness is more importaint than the tip I get (or not).
Tiping policy: Just another way that the cruise lines use not to pay the servise personell itself.
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