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Default Re: tipping - spinoff

I work for tips as a waitress in a supper club. Well I can tell you that there are so many people out there that have no idea how much or if they should tip at all. They have no idea or they jsut don't care. i have No idea! It gets very frustrating tho. We give good service and I try to be as upbeat as possible. Then we get some people who jsut dont tip or very little tips. We make $2.33 per hour. So we depend on our tips to make our wages. I understand if someone cant afford the extra. Well then they shouldnt go out to eat. If u cant act properly then stay home. U go out to have someone wait on u then u must pay for the services. I would never think of going to a place that people get tipped and jsut leave a mere pitance or nothing. That is just rude.... I go on a cruise. i tip at least the amount required. Then if i get some good service and the cabin is kept to my liking. Well then they get extra. i would never not give a tip. If i ahve a problem with someone I will complain to the authorities. But they will always get there tips. There is no excus not to tip. i ahve been on 6 crusies and have always gotten wonderful service from them all. they all work very hard for there money. Besides we need to treat them all like human beings also. They r not our slaves. Dont ever talk down to anyone even if they r waiting on u. They are equal to u in every way. They jsut choose to work at service like u have a choice as to where u want to work. That doesnt make them under u. but always beside u.... Try to remember that.... Happy cruising....
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