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Default Re: tipping - spinoff

Well, as we can see from the post above, tipping has worked its way into the food and beverage service industry in the US, both on land and at sea, to the point that the service people (who are covered by it) are actually allowed to be paid less than Federal minimum wage --- with the expectation that they willl receive tips. So in a very real sense, tipping has worked its way into Federal Law!

Now in a restaurant or bar where I recieve wait service, I would not think about not tipping, unless the service was REALLY bad (hasn't happended yet). And certainly on cruises, in all price ranges, we've found service to be really great --- even at its worst --- compared to what we have experienced on land. So whether it's tip envelopes, tips automatically charged to our account, or the true tips included lines, we have always "tipped" in one form or another.

Actually, rather than griping about tipping for the excellent service that at least we have always received on ships, we should be griping about what I experienced last night in a restaurant in Dallas. It was one of those "get in line, order, seat yourself, and get your order when we call your number" places. But do you know what? They had a jar for tips!!!! Tips? For what? No complaints about the restaurant, because before we walked in, we knew it was a self-service place. But tips for self-service???

Hey, OK, you caught me. The one time I DIDN'T tip!!

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