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Default Re: tipping - spinoff

I have also seen these "jars" for tips for services by people that are being not only paid at least minimum wage, but usually more and have actually laughed ... I work in the service industry, I make a bit more then minimum, do I expect a tip just because I am doing my job, no ... in fact, I am at times embarrassed when given a tip ... I am paid a wage to give the best service possible ... That includes being friendly and helpful ... Should I expect more just because I had to take an extra minute or 2 to help a guest/customer ... heavens no ...

Those that are in the food and beverage industry rely on tips and I have no problem tipping them ... but others, no I will usually not tip for them doing what they are being paid to do ... Ok, so maybe they are not making great money, but they are being paid to do the job they do and should not expect more ...

I admit that I feel the minimum wage is on the low side considering what the reality of the cost of living is, but that does not mean that I expect others to "pay (tip)" my way ...



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