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Default Re: Re: Old people cut lines

OMG this thread is fascinating due to what we experienced with some elderly americans just a couple of weeks ago.

It was Saturday 23rd July just 2 days after the attempted London bombings and 2 weeks after the July 7th actual London bombings.

We had friends over for the weekend and decided to take them to Windsor and see the Castle for the day as we live so close by. Well maybe a bad idea as Windsor was crawling with tourists that day, possibly because many may have decided to give London a miss after what had been happening - have never seen it so busy.

Queues were long and security very, very tight to get into the Castle and yes, many 'yanks' around as there were other tourists from other countries. However, the difference happened once people had got their tickets.

The next queues were for security purposes and everybody got in line and waited their turn knowing that this was a very serious issue and for all our own benefits as we were on high alert everywhere. Well, there was this group of 4 elderly american women sounded like they came from the deep south by their accents and they pushed and shoved there way in refusing to queue to get through the security - and yes, they were BIG WOMEN - BRASH would be a kind word for them if you get my drift!

Us brits are good at queuing and are known for being patient and polite in these conditions - it is a fact of life living on such a crowded, small island and we deal with it everyday. However, some of the other tourists did not take kindly to their total disregard for everyone else in line and 'strutted around speaking very loudly with their american drawl' that they were on vacation and didn't have time to queue!!!!!!!!

Who did they think they were for god sake - most of the people there were on vacation and it was all about safety and security to protect all. Well this one american stood her ground and refused to budge telling her obnoxious friends to ignore the rest of the line - she/they were incredibly rude and it was ugly and uncomfortable to witness their behaviour - you could understand that this is exactly the sort of incident that makes Americans appear ugly abroad.

In the end many people started complaining about it and the security guard came to tell them to get in turn as EVERYBODY whoever they were had to do the same and if they did not want to abide with the rules, then to leave!!!!

Hey ho, they backed off moaning all the time about the RUDE BRITISH (what planet are they on) and this is when you do sit back and ask yourself why did they think they were so special and could be treated differently to everyone else.

Do they get away with that behaviour in their own country? From reading this thread, it sounds like it is a trait in the U.S. - would truly drive me around the bend - and this comes from a person who when she only wants a small carton of milk, joins the end of the queue rather than 'butting in' and waits my turn. The others have queued for what they need, why shouldn't I?

Manners cost nothing but do make for living in such a nicer environment and respect is paramount.


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