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Default Re: Old people cut lines

I wasn't really offended Kimstigator, it's just that I thought that when you point out a few people acting a certain way, and include their nationality, it becomes (in my opinion) a generalization.
I heard that from an uptight Japanese person arguing with a drunken Irishman, in a snotty British pub once. It happened while cruising, so we asked the Scottish engineer to ask the Philipino guy cleaning the deck his opinion. He bumped into the Swiss storekeeper (who was indifferent - no opinion), but did ask a Jewish lawyer who told him to go ask an arrogant Frenchman. The Frenchman refused to answer anyone asking in English (not speaking French). So he stopped to ask a Canadian who didn't know himself but followed the opinion of his American buddy. The American didn't know because he thought the U.S. was the only country on the planet and continued eating his cheeseburger. Next to him was the radical islamic extremist who said that all generalizations were propoganda by the imperialist/zionist cheeseburger eating media.
I think that is what I heard but it's so cold here in Canada I while I was barbequing moose burgers in the snow with the hockey game on tv that I had to pull my tuque over my earmuffs all the sound was muffled.

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