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Default Re: refund on cruise and flight in case of bad weather

Okay guys, maybe its a culture thing.

Here in the UK and imagine across Europe 99.9% of people take out vacation / travel insurance. It is what we do, it is also what our TA's recommend in case of problems on said vacation.

So this is not about reading fine print in ship contracts.

So we have some that take it to cover all bases, and others not aware it was an option available or even understand why they should take it.

Put it this way, I once met a couple from the states cruising in Europe, she took ill and had to go to hospital in Italy. They thought that their private health scheme covered them for it. It did not, it was only continental America coverage they had. So they got hit with a bill for over $2000 by the hospital and had to hit the card to pay.

If they had taken a world wide 14 day insurance policy costing around 60 - $100, then it was covered.

So I go back to what sblahars said "And again, not everyone even knows such a thing exists"

TA's should be making people aware when booking, that what they have at home does not always cover them outside of it, especially in foreign ports. So do you want insurance out with your current policies? Read your own policies for what you are covered you for, not the lines fine print and if some things are missing cover it. Basic, but true

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