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A little computer chip will determine pay out. Nothing else ... We all have our little "system" ......As far as more Jackpots later in cruise...well that makes sense in that the more the machines are played...the greater the chance of a jackpot. Most people who hit a jackpot are only getting back some of what they put in.....or will put back in ....Common sense dictates that if more is taken out than goes in then casinos would close. That doesnt happen. We only remember what we "won" not what we put in (loss). You must realize that now 80% of a casinos (LV) profit comes from slots. Even gangsters learned long ago that they could legally get rich....YOU WILL NEVER really beat the house....just have a good night from time to time. Everyone has a gimmick to win...but if they do win its no more than being at the right machine at the right time...nothing more or less. Maybe thats why its called gambling . But I do love the poker lots....oh yeaaaaaa.
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