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Jim H
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Default Re: Can you earn comps while gambling on Carnival?

I'd be shocked that they give anything. And, I've never gotten a straight answer from Carnival Corp office or OPC about anything gambling related. I've had discussions with them for three years running. Second, I just got off the Legend and there was no discount on my bill or "cash back" or anything like that! I did get some t-shirt, key chain, flashlight stuff for the kids, but my play far exceeded the minimum wager mentioned by Storm and usually involved the table maximum. If you plan to gamble, I think it is best to have no expectations about comps, cash-back or anything else, just have fun. Carnival knows you are a hostage and that, if you are a player, you'll play, regardless of what they do for you. All of the ships I've been on have greast casino staffs from dealer to pit crew. I say to hell with OPC.
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