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John Burns, R.Ph.
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Default RE: What about shots for mal de mar?

Boy, Paul! You are a most curious boss!!...!!!

There are several pharmaceuticals which can be given when you are actively experiencing nausea/vomitting. Most likely, a doctor would administer one of the following: Compazine, Norzine, Phenergan, Reglan, Thorazine, Tigan, Torecan, Trilafon, Vistaril, or Zofran. The most common would probably be Compazine, which is very effective. Remember, though, that unless you are dehydrating, most doctors would prefer not to treat you with an injection, and that you will be spending money to receive such a treatment. (I understand that receiving a shipboard treatment can be a little expensive...)

Happy cruising!

John Burns, R.Ph.
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