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Gee... I should have read your post before making mine!

I have epilepsy and do not tell the ship's staff. I am also fairly well-controlled on medication. There was a posting on some board by a person who did tell and it just caused a lot of problems. I advise against telling them. As you know, people go spastic when they find out someone around them has epilepsy ... as if it's catching, or something.

The less said, the better. I do wear a medical bracelet, but so do lots of people (on HAL, it's the jewelry of choice!), so there is no problem.

I generally keep two containers with the meds, in case one "goes overboard," or something. Things like Dilantin, Tegretol, etc, are very common and probably available in the medical department. I take Lamictal, which is not and I wondered if the pharmacy happens to stock it.

My pharmacist (referred to among friends as "my drug dealer") lets me have an extra hit, just in case.

Also, if you are flying, keep the meds on your person, not in your carry-on. If something happens and you have to go down the chute, you don't bring anything with you. I want my "best friends" to be in my pocket when I get to the bottom.poocher wrote:
> My son has epilepsy controlled by medication. Should I
> inform the ships medical staff of his condition? prior to
> sailing? once on board? what happens if his medication is
> "lost at sea" for whatever reason? If I tell them what med,
> can they have an emergency supply available?
> Thanks for your advise,
> Pooch
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