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Default Re: Re: best time of year to cruise to Bermuda to avoid seas

I totally agree with toley. I have been on 5 cruises, 3 of which were with a large group of people. None of us got sick at all. Until Bermuda!! It was just my husband and I, and I felt a bit queesy on the way there. But, I went to the room to lie down and was fine.This was this past late April to early May on the Zenith. However, when we got there, it was such a wonderful experience (a completely different cruise than the Caribbean) that I forgot all about my sea sickness! We are currently planning another cruise to Bermuda for next June. In conclusion, it is worth a queesy stomach. Especially if that is the only way you can get there! (My husband doesn't fly). As toley said with Horizon, the Zenith is a bit older and a lot smaller than some of the ships out there, but they keep it so nice, who cares!! Have a great time!
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