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Default Re: Meds in weekly pill box...

Late hubby was on 12 different perscriptions meds. Both of us took/take take 6 vitamin/supplements/day. For the perscriptions, including syringes, we ALWAYS had them in a pharmacy labeled container and carried a Dr. letter since we absolutly need to have them in our carry-ons. For the over the counter stuff we always took them in the original but usually opened bottles. Do you want to depend on some GED level TSA employee recognizing a vitamin C or E pill? Not Me!!! Hubby almost had a $2000 lighter confiscated because the flame was higher than a disposable Bic. Luckily, the supervisor was a smoker, recognized the lighter/manufacturer and let us pass. Needless to say, since we have always only carried disposable lighters since, but that is the mentality. I don't even carry a 39 cent walgreens nail file, just pack it. i am a microbiologist with a chemistry minor. If I want to do the nasty a 39 cent file would be the least lethal item in my luggage. But the "book" is the Book for these civil service emplyees and they can not get in trouble if they "follow the written rules". Can you imagine a cuticle scissors being a lethal weapon? Some have been confiscated. If you have any dobts carry a Dr. kletter or pack it in checked luggage. The TSA staff have NEVER read the on-line rules. Be prepared.
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