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Default Re: Re: Best cure for motion sickness?

My sister bought the Bonine on the ship.
9 tablets were about $ 6.00
After we bought it we found out you could get it
from the information desk for free all you have to do is ask for it.

I tried finding the 24 hour Bonine at walgreens before our trip but they didn't have the
once a day kind.
I'm not sure about it being the non-drowsy formula. But I do rememeber the package said Less drowsy than the leading brands.

We were into our 3rd day of our cruise (Fun Day at sea)
I had already taken a shower and we went up for breakfast.
Lots of people were sick on our ship. Unfortunately we witnessed someone sitting
right across the table from us get sick at the table. yuck.
We got up from the table and went right to our room and took 2 pills.
We went up to the Lido deck and sunned and swam all day.

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