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Default Re: VERY fair skin and sunburning...What's a girl to do.

If you never tan in the sun it doesn't make any sense to try and tan in a tanning bed. After having skin cancer removed I did some investigating so I could still snorkel. I would burn no matter what sun block I used. I even burned trough patio umbrellas when I had sun block on. A material has to be rated to actually protect you from sun. Lots of things that you would think would protect you actually do not. Especially when wet - like a cotton t-shirt has no sun protection when wet. I found some sun protecting clothing on the internet and wore the large t-shirt along with a 45 sun block and snorkeled for hours in Peurto Rico. It worked for me and for our 2 redhead kids!!! I never go without it now. Also have large brimmed hat that is rated for sun protection. Lots of stuff out there if you do a search on internet. I can't always find a style I like - wish they would make more. I'm thinking about trying to buy just the material and sew some stuff myself.


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