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Default Re: VERY fair skin and sunburning...What's a girl to do.

Im pretty fair, though not a red head. I will say if you do burn the very best sunburn gel is Insurance by California Tan you can buy it at Tanning salons or on line, call around or surf for good prices. It is a blue gel and it contains an ingrediant that takes the RED out of a sunburn so you don't look like a giant lobster. Im bringing it along on my cruise just in case. Also Bull frog or a waterproof Sun Block (not screen) the higher the SPF the better. Make sure you have help applying and don't forget the tops of your feet, ears, etc. Zinc oxide is best for your nose and face it comes in white, colors or clear now. Have a friend help you with your back, and make sure you do all the parts of your body even the ones you think will be covered by your swimsuit as swimsuits can shift. Hats, a good pair of polarized 100% uv Block sunglasses, will help as well. Have a great time, best wishes to you.
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