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Brandt Zutphen
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Default Re: dramamine for teens Vs. The Patch

Dear Friends:

The Trans-Scopolomine patch does work very well for most, but can have severe side effects...stick with the pills. For those that prefer the patch, remember that it is a Belladonna is to some degree a Psycho-Active drug that can cause temporary impairment of the Central Nervous System. Also, USE EXTREME CAUTION and drink only moderate amounts of alcohol if using the patch! Scopolomine can and WILL cause a serious reaction if you "over use" alcohol, up to and including Psychosis, siezures, Renal System Failure and death. There is a Reason that is is by prescription only from a properly trained and licenced physician. DO review your complete medical history if considering asking the Dr. to prescribe you "the patch".

Trust me on this first Companion was a retired Physician, so I know what I am talking about, Any Belladonna based compound is a VERY serious drug that you do not want to "play" with.

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