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Default tipping camp carnival staff

oops thought i was done with questions. camp carnival is included no extra cost, correct? is there a time limit? have heard people talking about were not back in time and were charged babysitting fees. what is the story on this? also thought i read about tipping staff in camp carnival. this would be extra tipping on top of rate per person for dining staff and cabin staff, correct? also room service(food delivered ) also requires extra tipping above and beyond basic tipping fee per person per week correct? one friend said her kids ate breakfast in the cabin every morning. i assume she was tipping extra every morning to that person delivering breakfast, correct. ?so she was already tipping staff in dining room because they assume you are going to be eating meals in dining room, right? our plan is to get the tipping out of the way and do it ahead of time before the cruise even begins. help me!!! patticake
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