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Cheryl, don't want to put a spoiler on your hotel choice but just to give you a heads-up, we stayed at the Tanama Princess last March for one night. Nice name but not a very nice hotel. It was a pretty basic place and the people there were nice enough but the rooms(at least ours) was not very nice. Old carpeting, exposed pipes, the place just looked very worn. Plus, as luck would have it, our room was just above the bar, which on that nigh (Friday) seemed to stay open until 3a.m. There were lots of people hanging out in the street in front and between them making a racket and the bass from the music in the bar, it was very hard to sleep. The free breakfast was outside by the pool deck and was very basic. The area they served it in was not very nice either. Don't want it to sound like we are complainers who are never satisfied. We usually are pretty happy in places others have complained about. I'm a very heavy sleeper so noise usually does not bother me, but that was LOUD. If you are only going to be there a short time and you don't have very high expectations, it's probably o.k. But, it just wasn't what the ads seemed to make it out to be.
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