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Default Re: tipping camp carnival staff

Slow down take a deep breathe and we'll break this down and help you. I have used camp six times in the last 4 1/2 yrs so I will try to answer for you.

Camp Carnival's regular activities for 2 to 13 yr olds is at no extra cost. Yes there is suppose to be a time limit of 6 hours per day BUT that depends on the staff working and how busy they are. Also if you break up the time then it is really not an issue and babysitting time is not counted.

They do impose a fee if you do not pick your child up on time when the center is to close at a certain time. This would be sea days that you did not pick child up by noon for lunch as they close 12 to 2 on sea days. Also, closed 5 to 7 each evening for dinner BUT port days they will take your child to lunch and there is no fee. Also Carnival has introduced a new camp dinner and most nights the kids could eat with camp on the lido deck instead of in dining room.

Babysitting is $6 per hour for 1st child $9 an hour if you have two (check this I only have one and am going from memory). Babysitting is from 10 pm to 3 am and you need to be signed up by 9 pm to use. If child is under two you will also have to pay if you place child in camp while you are in port.

At the end of the week you will gladly tip these wonder staff members for the care and joy they provide your child. I have only ever had one cruise where I was not 100% happy and that was because of one person who happened to be in charge of my daughter's group and told us that she did not think Carnival should allow 2 yr olds in the program and she hated this age group. (they rotate between the groups) All the camp staff must pool the tips and split it but if one staff member stands out I address the thank you to her/them and hand it to them to turn in so they know we are extra grateful to them. My general guideline is that for a 7 day cruise / one child I tip $40. This is an individual decision and go with what you feel is just.

Yes, you tip room service. Usually $1 for just beverages or small order, $2 and up for sandwichs and larger orders. Again, just my opinion.

As for getting the tipping out of the way, I usually make up envelopes at home with the minimum I would give camp and then smaller bills adding up to the max. That way I have it ready. I take $50 in ones for the following: porters, room service, cab drivers, etc.

More questions? email me I hope you find this helpful.
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