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hi,i have found both islands to have great in both ports,run the gamut in tip,may be obvious,but NEVER pay the ticket price,offer to pay cash,this may lower the price even more....don't be pulled in by the one carat tennis braclet for 199.00,unless you like diamonds that look like kosher salt..sometimes if there are fewer ships in,better prices may be found...perfumes tend to be fair traded from island to island....promotions on island liquors can be great values,and the airports are filled with cruisers carrying liquor boxes home..2 places i have found good savings with knowledgable sales people in st thomas,are diamonds in paradise,and beverlys,in havensight mall at the docks..once on a cruise,my recently repaired omega necklace broke on ship, i went off in st martin to get a new one,and the store took my necklace as old gold,and lowered the price of the new last piece of advice is LOVE what you buy.because the shop owners are waving goodby
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