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Default Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

On our first cruise we went souvenir"crazy". We picked up tee shirts and local stuff for the whole family everywhere. To this day I still have tee shirts I have not worn.
In Cozumel we decided to get Onyx chess sets for ourselves and our two sons in law.
Gram also purchased two onyx candle sticks.The only place with room for them was my carry on bag. The bag must have weighed 60 pounds and all the pawns lined up in the boxes must have looked like machine gun bullets on the xray scanner. I had to undo and unpack the whole bag and open every box in it. Virtually every chess piece was hand examined to make sure I wasn't a terrorist or a drug smuggler. It probably took me 40 minutes at the security table to unpack and repack all the pieces. I no longer purchase souvenirs for anyone.
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