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Default Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

It was in St. Thomas. We just got back to Carlotte Amalie & wanted to find a
pendant for my wifes gold neck chain. We were looking specifically for one that
had both a Dolphin & a Tanzanite stone. Well we found the pendant but the stone
that it was set with was an Emerald. The shop keeper found a ring with a Tanzanite
stone that was the same size. We bargained with him to swap out the stones and
give us $50.00 off. {Actually I kept saying lets go up the street till he consented on
the price we offered.} Picked up this very nice 14kt gold Dolphin pendant with a .875
carat Tanzanite stone inset for $250.00, I'd say that was our best bargain of the trip..
Almost forgot, the name of the store was Precious Jewels, 33 Raadet Gade, right
side of street walking up from water front. Salesman, Paul.

On the funny side my wife wanted to film something in the harbor at San Juan, I
had just recharged the battery and inserted it in the camera. Well needless to say
I must not have installed it completely for it came out and fell from our balcony on
deck 6 down to deck 2 right into the gutter below the railing. My wife made it in
record time down to deck 2 and I'm sorry to say the battery was dead. Wasn't able
to replace it till St. thomas. Got a bargain too, the battery was only $40.00 and had
twice the operating capacity of our old one.

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