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Mary Donna
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Default Re: Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

I bought a delicate looking but surprisingly heavy silver bracelet in Cozumel just a few days ago. The bracelet has tiny czs in it interspersed with 10 pretty good sized Tanzanite stones. It is really pretty, and the "tanzanite" sparkles, but I really don't think they are real. If they were, the bracelet would have cost more than $60. Plus, I really don't think they put tanzanite into silver, or with cubic zirconias. It is a nice memento, and I do like the color, but I should have bargained down some.

I also bought a silver ring for $35 with a large Tanzanite that I am sure is NOT real, but the man swore up and down that it was indeed real. It is Princess Diana style.
It is always a strange sensation to be lied to with such insistance, and know it at the time. This was not a large reputable place, but right next to one. If real, it would be worth somewhere between 3 and 5 thousand dollars. It's probably worth $10.00.

Just my way of jump-starting the Mexican economy.
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