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Default Re: the very best thing!..or worst?

when we were in Playa del Carmen i wanted to buy just a simple straw sunhat because i'm rather fair and burn easily. we strangely had a hard time finding hats that weren't exorbitantly expensive. we finally found one that wasnt bad and my boyfriend said we should talk them down to a better price. i dont like the idea of haggeling so i let him talk and the kid who was selling the hat didnt look like he wanted to budge on the price so when my boyfriend asked me if i wanted to pay that much and he gave me the look like "tell him no we'll go down the street" i just agreed to the overinflated price and bought it. i dont remember what i paid but it was something like $15-$20 for a silly hat. two days later we took a trip to Chicen Itza and someone got on the bus and was selling the very same type of hats for like $3 :P

i couldnt feel too bad though. even though i dont make much money, its probably more than the shop person does


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