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Default Re: Re: Drugstores in Cozumel and Belize

I'm a little confused, never purchased med's anywhere else but home. So 'splain this process to me Please? :-)
I read that if you do purchase drugs in Mexico or wherever, that require an RX here in Texas, that you could be fined and/or jailed if you have these said drugs on your person, without an RX that matches the "said" drugs. ( ie: you can buy them, just not have then in your possession without RX!)
So what's the scoop? How do you do this?
I have RX's from my doc here, if I buy the meds in Mexico, then return here with my copy of my RX...from my doc here, am I safe?
None are narcatics, or against the law! :-) Thanks for any info, heard a lot about this but totally confused on how it all works. On medicare, lots of meds for MS and looking for anyway to help my budget! Thanks again!
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