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As far as the waverunner goes, I never saw any excursions through our ship that offered that activity (imagination) but i did see a note on our carnival capers the day we went to jamaica advising all passengers NOT to partake in this activity as it can be very dangerous. We had a good number of kids on our ship, but you wouldn't have known it unless you passed by the camp carnival group at some point taking the kids somewhere. They all looked like they were having a great time. There was so much to do during the day AND at night that we had a hard time picking and choosing!! I went along wiht my sister (24 and 23) as it was a graduation present, but I def plan on taking my daughter (2) when she's just a few years'll have a blast!! Just be careful laying out- we're both olive skinned, and the sun was so strong during the day that even we couldnt lay out for more than an hour between 12 and 4. Most of the time I waited til about 4:30 to head out there, and only stayed an hour or so- but still got an awesome tan. Try to get your hands on a "carnival caper", the ships daily newsletter from someone who's sailed on the holiday so you have an idea what activities are being offered- have fun!

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