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Default Cruise Ship's Push for Selected Merchants

I went to a talk expecting to hear something about the port, such as excursions and sight seeing, and I got a full-blown talk about shopping. I like to shop, and would have done fine on my own. They really push selected merchants, and warn you that if you donít shop at the selected merchants you will probably be ripped-off. The jewelry store they pushed the most was Diamondís International, I shopped at several stores for a diamond ring, I found one at a store that was not on the recommended list and then went to Diamondís International to compare, Diamondís International could not touch the deal that I got at the other store. As soon as I got home, I took my ring to a jeweler and asked them to verify the appraisal of my ring, the ring was exactly what I was told it was and I got a great deal. My advise to anyone wishing to purchase jewelry from anyone not on the recommended merchantís list would be to use your credit card, verify the quality of your purchase when you get home, and if the item doesnít stand up to the saleís pitch, contact the merchant. If the merchant will not stand behind the item, dispute the charges on your credit card. All it would take is the paperwork from the merchant and an appraisal from an independent jewelry to prove your case.
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