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Default Re: Demise of Shopping in Port

In a more serious reply/response I truly agree that the days of the real bargain are probably dead . No longer do you have the advantage of purchasing from some small low overhard vendor. Nowadays, whether it is St Thomas, St Martin , Cozumel, Barbados or Ariba shopping seems not a whole lot different than going to a suburban Mall on a holiday sale weekend.
Some careful shopping may still score you a savings and you are always saving a few % by not paying sales tax even if the price is identical.
Deals are still there sometimes. We bought a pair of Citezen Eco Drive watches that came out to about $105 each. Comparable prices at home for the identical watch have never dropped below $149 (plus tax), even on the best sale. Ok so I saved $45 per watch and it only cost me $5000 to do it.
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