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Default Re: Demise of Shopping in Port

Several years ago in St. Thomas (for a week) I spotted a very expensive collectible in Little Switzerland.. Being as knowledgable as I could I talked to the saleswoman, the item was well over if I remember $500.00.. and I could tell by the box that it had been there for several years and since I was the only "sucker" who asked.. she was delighted to discount the item.. (I had the present price list which was higher and knew their cost)..Not only that a rep from the company was showing up on Friday and he signed the piece and my books. On another trip in the Grand Caymens went to a collectible shop and found the same collectibles at such a low price I bought not only a missing piece, but two other pieces that were never out of the boxes and were still cellophane wrapped.. Somehow or other I find trying to buy jewelry or cameras is a hard enough...and I'd prefer buying local crafts. Anne we are going to Europe in October and will look for spices,, handmade items... I will taste the wine from the port we are in and then have some for the ship.....
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