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Have to tell you we got a great deal at Little Switzerland in St. Thomas on the main street..There was a collectible by Royal Crown Derby that was out of my budget and price range normally and I could tell they had it there for a long, long time.. Since I am an avid collector and walk around with the newest price list (didn't tell them) and their price was old...they did give me a decent price and tossed in a Little Switzland beach bag and that Friday Michael Doulton was coming and they had it signed and dated for me.. Opposted to across the street, A little bit of Britain I think where their prices were outrageously higher....and they didn't In the Grand Caymens there is Kirks... and we found our collectibles which were still sealed in boxes at incredible bargain prices...but no discount.. The morale being know what you are buying and state prices..whether it's cameras, collectibles, china or crystal. I;ve seen tourists in Bermuda walking around with stateside prices shopping
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