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I think Jenilyn is thinking of Caracus, Venezula since she mentioned the glass factory. That is the Murano Glass factory.

Curacao is the Dutch island near Aruba and a delightful place to go to. The City of Willemstad is very quaint and build in Dutch style architecture and brightly painted. It is a small desert island. You might just hire a taxi for the day to save money. Find a driver that speaks good English and you should be alright. Shopping is good here, especially for perfumes and colognes from Europe.

Since this is a desert island, all the food is brought in by boat. Dont miss the boats with their produce tied up in the market area with the multi-colored awnings erected over the food stands. The ship docks right down town; any easy walk over the pontoon bridge. Don't forget to bring your camera. There is a lot to take photos of in this port.

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