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it can be fun, but depends on person, myself i did it and paniced as im a nose breather, nothing like thinking you can breathe, i have since gone for lessons, if you have never done it see if your local dive shop has trial nites for free or small fee,its worth it, its a wonderful sport but shouldnt be taken as litely as everone does.JudyL wrote:
> Two yrs ago I did this in St. Thomas. The Coki Beach Dive
> shop offers a beginners dive. It was totally awesome. You
> can check them out on their web site <>.
> There is a section for cruise passengers.
> I went on my own. Took a cab to Coki Beach. Got there in
> time to join the class. The class is about 45 min. with a
> quiz at the end. Then you are fitted with the equipment. I
> had my own mask and fins. Once in the water there are some
> more instructions and practicing. Then it is off to the
> reef. We were down about 25 feet for 30 minutes. Absolutely
> marvelous. I would love to do it again.
> '
> The cost was $50.00 for the dive, $15.00 for the cab and
> $17.00 for the shirt I just had to buy. The cruise excursion
> was $99.00 so I saved a bit. Plus there were only 5 people
> in the dive with two guides.
> It was worth every penny. I will be in St Thomas in Oct and
> am thinking of doing it again.
> Have a great cruise.
> Judy
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