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Nite Jones
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Default waterproof waist packs

Hi, have a quick question in regard to waterproof waist packs.

I just picked up something called a Jet Gladiator from Overton's. It's yellow with black trim and is like a flat waist pack. I guess I flunked this particular life lesson, but I can't make heads or tails of the @#$% thing!

When open, it's like an envelope, except round at one end. At the top is a small opening that you can, I assume, put things into in order to keep them waterproof, but I'm not betting the farm that they'll actually stay dry while snorkeling. Halfway down is the belt, so I gather you slip your ID/money down into the bottom and fold it in half and then clip it around your waist. But then there's a couple more clips. Does anyone have one of these stupid things?!? It didn't come with directions and I'm totally confused. (Not an unusual state, you understand.) I gather I'll still need to use some ziplock bags inside of this thing, but how do I fold it/put it on so it's as waterproof as possible? Any suggestions/help would be most appreciated.

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