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Default Re: Lighthouses - Portland, ME

Carey.. I live in Maine although I am 4 hours east along this rocky shore. I believe you should see some of the lighthouses sailing in to port. Portland is not that big of a city compared to other ports, which in some ways makes it nice, but other ways very limited on options to get around. I found a couple links that if you haven't already checked out may be helpful - there are several links on that site that may help - gives options for transportation from the pier

From what I read, it will be expensive to taxi, if there is one available. I don't know how long you will be in port. Renting a car would be a nice option, but if you do that, be sure to get a road map, and know exactly where you are going. Most of the places to see the lighthouses are very rural, two lane roads and do take time. (remember... life in Maine is at a slower pace and that surely includes traffic lol!!) There are lots of very beautiful and unique places to see. If you get a chance, you should have some real Maine lobster. I think you might find it quite different that the lobster tails on the ship (although those ones aren't too bad!). You will be in Maine in one of the most beautiful times of year.. foliage will be beautiful but it will most likely be cool. I hope this helps.. let me know if I can help more. Lenore
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