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Default Re: Lighthouses - Portland, ME


Forgot to tell you....DiMillos Floating Restuarant is a fun place. I've taken freinds and family there for's also because it has special meaning to my family.

The Building housing the resturant is actually a ferry that is the floating part used to ply the waters of Narragansett Bay, between Newport (yes THE NEWORT of Mansion fame) and Jamestown , RI. We had a beach house on Jamestown when I was growing up, and my mother went into labor with my sister while we were vacationing there.

So Dad and a friend hussled Mom down to the ferry, took the ferry over to Newport Hospital where my sister was born and then she came back on the other ferry back to the beach house. that was in 1962!

This Resturant was one of those 2 ferries my mom and sister rode those 42 years ago

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