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Default Booking Excursions - before cruise or on cruise?

Hi everyone. First I would like to say that you all are ever so helpful!! I have gained so much knowledge reading these message boards and the articles for first time cruisers. I have already posted a few questions and received wonderful answers. Second, if I am asking an already asked question, I apologize! Thee are so many messages to read and so far I haven't seen any with my particular question.

My friend and I are cruising for the first time with NCL on a Western Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans the last week of April. We have 65 days of agonizing waiting left. Anyway, to get to the question. Should we book our excursions before the cruise or is it ok to book on the cruise? We haven't made up our minds yet. There are so many wonderful choices!

Another question. Can anyone give more details about 'door decorating'. It sounds like so much fun!!

Thanks for your help!
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