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Wade Palmer
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Default How easy to get shore excursions...on shore?

I'm booked on the Mariner of the Seas; RCCL, May 8th-15th, Western Caribbean.

I'm with a 12 person group and we're looking to save some $$$$ by possibly arranging all of our shore excursions AFTER gettin off the boat. I know this presents a certain amount of time risk, but isn't it possible to just find a 3rd party tour operator at any of the main ports (Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel)? Or if it's a land destination, just grab a taxi and say..."Take me to _____". Won't we save a lot of money by setting it up ourselves? Aren't there just a ton of people ready and willing to take you to any tour site?
We are a young, active group, some speak spanish...

We like snorkeling, we have our own gear and want to save money. Can't we just find a great snorkeling site on our own and/or through a 3rd party shore guide without going through RCCL.

We plan to do the most popular items:

Dunn River Falls,
Canopy Tour

Grand Cayman:
Sting Ray City

Free Beach: Nachi
Snorkel from Shore

Any help/advice would be appreciated.
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