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Default Re: Carnival Cruise Line

Sunlover, there seems to be this "love-hate" relationship when it comes to Carnival.
Its such a personal decision, for a realistic, unbiased opinion, read Anne's reviews of other Carnival ships.
When i read the reader's reviews i read the glowing, flowery, super duper wonderful reviews along with the it was the worst cruise of my life reviews and take a middle ground. If there is a common thread about one particular ship that keeps popping up again and again (either good or bad) i pay a bit of extra attention to that.
New ships tend to get the better crews and have better service, the cruise line is trying to impress you with their new product.
I really like sailing on a fairly new ship, one that has a few cruises under her belt and the crew has gelled. I don't like sailing on innagural voyages.
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