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John E. Maines, IV
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Default Re: Welcome to the Tipping Message Board

My wife and I just completed a 25 day R6 cruise with automatic tipping of $12.OO
per day/person. We initially objected and had our names taken off the list on the
second or third day.

However, there was open seating at all restaurants and the policy included the
cabin attendants. To be honest, after 5 days it was clear that this crew was
superb: attentive and well trained, eager to please! The best EVER, on our
6th cruise.

Although my initial reaction was negative, in part because the per diem seemed
excessive, the crew was fantastic for the entire 25 days. I told the purser to
reinstate the gratuity to our account. And I am NOT a pushover.

I recommend that you be patient and see if Carnival can deliver the service to
justify the policy. If not, Tell them loudly and adjust the charge accordingly.
I hope the Carnival crew is as good as Renaissance. If not, their policy should
wait until the service warrants it!!!!
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