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Carol Shelton
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Default Re: Welcome to the Tipping Message Board

It may be a good idea. However, I wonder how much trouble it would be to make a change in the dollar amount, eitherlarger or smaller. I would think the employees would prefer to have the cash. How is the cruise line going to show that they have evenly distributed the $'s? It has been my understanding that all waiters, busboys, etc., rotate working in the buffet, area, so your tip at the dinner table was aslo for this service. I'm sure there have been times when passengers have not tipped at all so this new policy would eliminate that problem. There have been times when I have had service that did not live up to the cruise line standards so would I want to pay the top amount for this type of service? On the other hand it does eliminate the envelopes, exact change, etc. I would want to experience it before I deceided if I liked it or not.
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