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Default Another way of getting your money

I have to admit that this is the first time I've heard of the all inclusive meal with tip. But c'mon folks, even this is ridiculous. Having enacted this type of policy for their cruisers tells me that they don't pay their staff a decent wage, so now their going to get it directly from you.
If their brochures do not emphatically state in bold print this new policy, I can see a lot of lawsuits coming from clients lawyers.
The cruise line industry is really hurting because they have too many ships and not enough people to cruise on them. Do they think that this type of policy is going to attract more cruisers? I think not.
I think most cruisers have been very good about compensating dining staff and stateroom services. They know that tipping is a "courtesy" not mandatory.
I think it's plain stupid for the cruise lines to enact this type of policy. I won't be eager to be selling cruises anytime soon.
Of course now watch them drop the price of the cruises to "lead" you in....
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