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Default Re: Shorting Themselves..

Lori, Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the automatic tipping you are referring to and that you pay when you book your cruise is different than the new tipping program Carnival has just started. On some ships, they are automatically charging everyone's Sail and Sign card for the tips. You are not given a choice and have to go to the purser's desk and ask to have it removed if you would rather give your tips in cash. I realize that there are people who stiff the wait staff and I think that is very unfortunate and terrible, but I also disagree with Carnival automatically charging your Sail and Sign Card. First, they are taking away my choice and forcing me to have to go through the hassel of having to ask them to remove it, because I would rather give cash in person as I feel it's more personal. Second, the money that I give to the Staff, I know for sure they are getting the dollars I intended for them. I posted somewhere else the question, does Carnival get a "cut" of my prepaid tips to cover the cost of the administration and bookkeeping for this new system and/or maybe also for a little profit? Also, will this new system really solve the problem of the ones who don't tip? If a person is really determined to not tip, they will ask to have it removed anyway. I'm not sure what a good answer is to this problem, but I feel that prepaid tipping is going to cause more unhappy passengers who do tip compared to the number of clods who don't show up in the dining room on the last night to avoid tipping.
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