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Default Re: Protest of Automatic Tips...

Carol Ann Westbrook wrote:
> My husband and I just returned from a weeklong "Latin Love
> Affair" cruise on the Sundream, owned by Sunquest Tours. The
> Sundream was the old RC, Song of Norway, in an earlier life.
> Although this was advertised as a gratuities included cruise,
> we all received tipping envelopes on our dressers on the last
> evening of the cruise. We were quite surprised, to say the
> least.

If I'm not mistaken Sunquest sells these as gratuity included, which means the tips should have been paid for in advance, for you.
I would think you should have been given voucher showing this to put in your envelopes.
Likely too late to do anything now, but I'd follow up with Sunquest to see if that should have been the case. I have a feeling u paid twice!

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