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Default Re: Protest of Automatic Tips...

Automatic and/or prepaid tipping has quite a bit of discussion both pro and con it would seem. Many folks like the ability of just having it taken care of and not have to worry about it later and feel that the staff will treat them better knowing they are not going to get stiffed at the end of the cruise. Others, like me, think that tipping is a very personal matter and like to personally hand those we feel are deserving a gratuity to express our feelings. I often think that pre-paid tipping allows those that tend to be lazy to decrease their level of service as they know it is coming to them anyway, rather than increase those that work hard knowing that a reward is automatically coming to them. Another idea that is worth merit is to tip say 1/2 of the recommended amount on the first day in cash and inform them that should their services reflect it, a much larger gratuity will be forthcoming at the end of the cruise. On longer cruises it could even be divided up into segments. I want to reward those that work hard and see no reason to reward those that force their shipmates to carry their slack.
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