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Default Re: Yes, you are right, Jim

I knew that employees on tipping positions recieve 75-100 a month, but the amount is so small, that I just decided not to mention it. Because 100 bucks a month don't make one's happy

There was one lady I served in restaurant... I will remember her forever... At the end of the cruise she and her husband give me envelopes. And at the end of the evening, tired and wet, I open up those envelopes and instead of tips I see postcards with "Thank You" imprinted on them. well, you are welcome keep smiling, boy.
In the same evening I found out, that she gave exactly the same envelopes with postcard to headwaiter and Maitr'D.
I know people dont give tips, give less than it is suggested, some dont come to last dinner and dont tip you at all, but this lady was someting special
But I was not upset... I laughed all night long. That was really funny )

Enjoy your cruise!

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