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Default Re: Protest of Automatic Tips...

Norm and RoboCop...

I agree with you both 100%. As long as I use traditional dining, I will continue to pay my tips directly as a matter of showing my appreciation for services rendered. I will be on the Grand Princess this Sunday and my first stop will be at the Purser's Desk to cancel the automatic tipping on my account.

I have already communicate my displeasure with this new procedure to Princess through my TA, by a faxed written message to them and by a telephone conversation with a customer service rep who called me in response to the fax. I was impressed that they were at least concerned enough with customer relations that they contacted me in person. They may not change any policies, but at least they listened to my opinions and duly noted them.

We <u>are</u> the customers and we must let them know how we feel.

Bob "MacTarheel"... who loves Princess cruises and only has few complaints about some minor annoyances.
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